ReTeamz Tracking Solution

To understand what the office workers are doing, every manager wants. Someone tries to be present at the office constantly and personally monitor the progress of work, someone sets up cameras and studies records in his spare time. And someone chooses a simpler, but no less effective method – sets up the Reteamz – a program for monitoring staff performance. Why tracking a computer with Reteamz is profitable and convenient?

Reteamz agents allow you to monitor PCs based on macOS, Linux, and Windows. This is the main advantage of our product since you are not faced with the question of choosing a system. Your office can continue its work, as usual, using one or another operating system. You can start working with the free version of the staff monitoring program, and also switch to it after the end of the paid subscription.

Features free version of Reteamz

Accounting for the beginning and end of the working day

The head and manager of a department may not always be present at the office at the beginning and at the end of the working day. This is due to the wide range of duties that he must perform. Therefore, the need to account for the beginning and end of the working day of each employee arises in any organization. Reteamz allows you to mark the time you start working at the computer and the time it ends. This information is necessary both for analyzing the discipline of employees and for calculating wages if a person works on an hourly basis.

Accounting for visited websites and running applications

In the general journal, you can find information about what the employee worked during the day. Of course, it will be difficult to identify something not related to work from a large amount of information. But if necessary, you can always view the log of the work of an employee at any time convenient for you.

Comparative staff hours

A handy tool for managers who need a clear picture of the working time of employees. The Dashboard main page shows the work schedule of each employee in accordance with the time spent. According to him, it is immediately possible to understand who is at work since the morning, and who were late, constantly left, or simply did not come.

Free computer monitoring – features

When registering in the Reteamz system, you get access to the Standard trial version for a period of 30 days. Upon expiration of the trial period and in case of late payment, the monitoring possibilities are limited to the Basic package. In this case, the information collected from the computers of your subordinates will be stored on the server for no more than 4 days with a volume of no more than 9 MB per device. All added devices will remain in the system, but the analytics of work and the ability to add new employees will disappear.

You can also choose additional options for free monitoring of computers:

  • Increase the number of employees

Add 10 employees to your account to monitor staff performance. Fixed fee once a year – $59.

  • Increase the history retention period

Increase the storage period of PC activity logs by up to 3 months. Fixed fee once a year – $59.

To upgrade the Basic package to the Standard package, increase the amount of data storage and the number of employees whose working hours you plan to maintain, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Go to the tab “Order”;
  3. Choose the package or option you are interested in;
  4. Fill all necessary fields;
  5. Complete the payment.

Reteamz Basic is an excellent choice for those who are just starting to implement a personnel monitoring system and want to familiarize themselves with the basic features of the service. If you want to use all the functions of computer monitoring for Linux and Windows and information security, we recommend that you purchase a paid version of the program.