ReTeamz for Windows

StaffCounter for Windows

Reteamz Agent is a tool for monitoring a user’s actions at a computer, designed especially for the Reteamz time-tracking service. It helps to oversee employees and how they work at the computer.

Managers can view an analysis of this data at the Reteamz website at any time.

The program requires a constant internet connection.

Thanks to our analytics service, even the busiest managers can check on what their employees are up to at their computers in just a couple of minutes.

The agent logs all user activity on the computer and requires only a couple of minutes to set up. It runs in the background and doesn’t put a heavy load on the system.

  • It tracks internet activity, namely visited websites and web searches;
  • it takes screenshots at defined time intervals;
  • it logs all applications opened and used, including how long they are actively used;
  • it records the amount of text typed in various applications;
  • it can be temporarily disabled so that workers can use the computer for their own personal needs.

* The capabilities of the program depend on the type of subscription. In a Professional subscription, all features work without restrictions.


Step1. Disable the anti-virus real-time protection. If there is no antivirus in your system disable the Windows Defender for a while. Launch the Control panel, input “Defender” in the search field, and choose Windows security. Find the virus protection and turn the real-time protection off.

Step 2. Download Reteamz Agent. You will need to unpack the .zip archive. Unzip it into a new folder.

Attention! For Windows 7 users make sure you have installed the following security update: Microsoft Security Advisory.

Step 3. Run staffcounter_install.exe as administrator. (perform a right-click on it and select “Run as administrator”)

After going through all the installation steps, the window for the first launch of the program will appear.

Step 4: When you start the program for the first time, you need to connect the agent to the server
This can be done in 3 ways:

Installation through the main e-mail account on Reteamz

Right after the program has been installed, enter the e-mail account for your Reteamz account in the main window.
The E-mail can be viewed on your profile page.

Installation via an existing device ID

On the detailed page of your employee, you can find the device ID to connect it without creating a new one, and without losing user data.

Installation by invitation, when adding an employee by e-mail

When adding a new employee, his E-mail in this case will be the device ID.
Therefore, when installing the Reteamz agent, the E-mail of the employee whom you invited must be specified in the field when connecting the agent.

For Windows XP, the installer will automatically offer to install the appropriate version.

After the program connects to the server, monitoring will start automatically. The program will take settings from the server each time the user logs on to the system.

Step 5: Add the Staffcounter working folder to the list of exclusions of the Windows defender or other installed antivirus application. Then launch the real-time protection.

Step 6: To configure the program settings, go to your online account and open page Settings. Choose the department you need. Change the values and save the settings. Then restart the target computer to apply the changes.

  • You can hide the icon of the Reteamz application in the system tray. Disable the required option on the server in the department settings;
  • The application of Reteamz does not have a shortcut in the Start menu and in the list of installed programs;
  • You can also move the Reteamz application from a regular location to a folder that is not visible to the user. To install the Reteamz program to an arbitrary folder, you need to do the following:
  • Stop the monitoring application. In the Task Manager, find either Reteamz or Windows UI auditing service. Stop the process.
  • Then move the Reteamz folder from C: \ Program files \ to another location. This location should be readable and writable by all users of the computer. We suggest in C: \ Users \ Default \ AppData \ Local \
  • This folder should be made an exception for antivirus programs and for Windows defender.
  • After the transfer, launch the Reteamz application from the new location.

If you have configured Data Leak Prevention (Account Professional), Login your user account on On Settings page choose the department that target computer belongs to. Uncheck all the options in DLP settings. Save the configuration.

After this:

  1. Restart the target computer;
  2. Launch Task manager, find Reteamz monitoring processes and stop them;
  3. In the folder Program files\Reteamz launch Unins000.exe;
  4. Reteamz has been successfully uninstalled.

If you have not configured Data Leak Prevention (Account Standard):

  1. Launch Task manager, find Reteamz monitoring processes and stop them;
  2. In the folder Program files\Reteamz launch Unins000.exe;
  3. Reteamz has been successfully uninstalled.

To reinstall or update the Reteamz program , you just need to install the new version of the Agent over the current one.

If there are any errors while doing this, then we recommend:

  1. Uninstall a program (see How to uninstall Reteamz from a computer?)
  2. Reinstall using the existing device code (see Installing through an existing device code)


In order to install the Agent with the required parameters, you need to open and edit the cmdline_install.bat file located in the installation folder.



  • /uploadurl=
    Local Reteamz server address. If not specified, by default connects to
  • /devid=111-11-11
    Device ID to connect to the server. It is only needed if it is necessary to reconnect the PC to this ID on the server.
  • /autoregister=1
    Monitoring of all accounts on a PC with auto-connection to the server (in this case, be sure to specify // adminmail)
  • /
    account email for auto-connection and auto-substitution in the connection dialog.
    If not specified, you will need to enter it manually.
    does not show interface during installation
  • /ignoreapp=mstsc – do not track time for MSTSC process (MS Remote Desktop app)
  • /noidleapp=skype,ApplicationFrameHost – do not track downtime for skype, ApplicationFrameHost process (Skype)
  • /startmenu=1 – create a shortcut in the Start menu and a shortcut to Uninstall under Add or Remove Programs (default 0)
  • /lang=russian – define an alternative language


staffcounter_install.exe /autoregister=1 /

First, you need to configure the MSI-package using the ORCA application. You can download the ORCA from here.
In the ORCA edit the Registry section:

  • Into the AdminEmail field input the address, that you used to register on the


  • If you want to connect the Staffcounter application to a local server, input the new upload address into the UploadURL field, for example,

Save the changes.

After this launch the command prompt as administrator and go to the folder with the MSI package.

Here you have to execute the command

msiexec.exe /qr /i staffcounter.msi




If Avast antivirus is installed on your computer, then in order to install the Reteamz Agent, you need to add 3 elements to the exclusion:

Link to the site from which you download the Reteamz program –
The folder where you download the archive of your program – in the example, this is the folder \Downloads
The folder where the Reteamz program will be installed – in the example, this C:\Program Files (x86)\Reteamz\
If this folder does not exist, then install the Reteamz program. During installation, this folder will be created, but Avast will delete its contents and leave the folder itself.
After that, add the folder to the exclusion and reinstall the Reteamz program.

How to add elements to the exception:

The agent updates the settings from the StaffCounter server on the PC in the following cases:

  • When you turn on the computer;
  • Every 2 hours of program work;
  • When manually paused from the system tray;
  • By request.
    If you need to get the settings “right now”, you must click on the StaffCounter icon in the system tray, then select the “Options” section and click “Update settings“.
    Within 60 seconds, the program will take the last settings from the server.

If you need to find out what data the program collects on a specific PC, you need to click on the Reteamz icon in the system tray, then select the “Options” section and a list of collected data will be presented here.

There is a certain problem with Call centers – employees speak through: Skype, Zoiper, x-lite, 3cx, etc. and when they do not move the mouse or type anything on the keyboard, then the entire conversation is recorded in a pause.

In order for the Reteamz Agent to consider this conversation as working time and not a pause in the conversation mode, it is necessary to add the program data to the exception when installing the Agent.

To do this, add a parameter to the .bat file:
/noidleapp=skype,ApplicationFrameHost                       {here you need to add a list of programs to exclude, separated by commas}

and install the agent from the .bat file!

Further, the agent will take into account conversations in such programs only if the application is active, i.e. if the user speaks on Skype, then the skype window should be selected by him.
Otherwise, if he opens the browser and at the same time speaks on Skype and does not use the keyboard and mouse, then this will also be considered as a pause.