ReTeamz for MacOS

ReTeamz is a program that monitors the activity of users on a Mac computer, designed especially for the ReTeamz time-tracking service. It helps to supervise employees and how they work at the computer.

  • It allows you to calculate how long the client has worked in all applications;
  • It tracks internet activity, namely visited websites and web searches;
  • It records the keystrokes, typed by the user except for passwords;
  • It records surrounded sounds into audio files;
  • It takes screenshots at specified intervals or when certain words are typed.
  • It allows you to track the user’s navigation through files and folders locally on the computer and on the network.
  • It can be temporarily disabled so that workers can use the computer for their own personal needs.
  1. First, you need to allow the launching of the programs, downloaded from anywhere. Open System Preferences, Security & Privacy, General.

  2. Unlock the window and select Anywhere in the group of Allow apps downloaded from.

  3. Disable the real-time protection of antivirus application, if it is installed.

  4. Download StaffCounter Agent on the Mac computer that the employee will use. Unzip the file into a new folder. Inside the archive, you can find the embedded archive, which you also have to unzip. Move into the Applications folder.
  • Launch it by double-click. Allow the application access to the user’s contacts. Write into the first field the email address of the manager(e-mail address, you used on registration). Write the name of the user into the second field. Click Register.
  • Provide an administrative password, if the system requires it.
  • To pause or stop the monitoring, use the ReTeamz icon from the upper Taskbar
  • To record keystrokes, switch on this option on the Settings page on the server. Then the system can show the following notification:
  • Click Open System Preferences and unlock the settings. Tick ReTeamz program in Security & Privacy, Accessibility, Privacy.
  • Restart please the MAC and login as the target user. The system will ask you for permission to access the camera, microphone, and screen for the ReTeamz application. You should allow all of that.
  • Launch Google Chrome and Safari web browsers. Allow ReTeamz application access to web history.

4. Launch the antivirus application and add the Staffcounter agent into the list of exclusions. Then switch the real-time protection on.

Yes, he or she can. Even without administrator rights, a worker can open the program and stop monitoring. However, after a reboot, StaffCounter will automatically start up again.

Removing StaffCounter Agent. All steps must be done from the administrator system account.

  • Stop StaffCounter service in Activity Monitor;
  • remove from Applications.
  • Remove the file reginfo.plist from the /Library/Application Support/StaffCounter/ if you previously connected the application to a local server.