How to configure the AV software to allow Reteamz for Windows

Recently Reteamz had a number of False-Positive cases with different AVs software like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, McAfee, Malwarebytes, Windows Defender, etc. Kaspersky Antivirus (AV) protects your computer from various threats such as viruses, spyware, ransomware, banners, and others. But AV vendors are not supposed to know all existing enterprise monitoring software, so they started to add software behavior patterns as a criterion for detection. For example, keyboard monitoring behavior, screenshots, or screen-reader behavior is now considered as possibly dangerous. Therefore, in some cases, you need to add the Reteamz program to the list of exceptions. Reteamz also has an integrated file system filter driver for the DLP component and a big part of networking code for data upload, so by the behavior, it may look like Remote Access Trojan (RAT) but it is not so of course. As a part of transparency, we offer Reteamz prior versions as open source.

Currently, we are working with each vendor to add a Reteamz exception for each false-positive case. In this article, we will describe in detail the entire process of adding Reteamz to the exception list of the Kaspersky Small Office Security 8. But the same principle may work for other AVs.

First, we have to download the Reteamz for Windows onto the target computer. The browser allows doing it as well as Kaspersky, at least until the program is not unpacked.

And now we need to open the Kaspersky program and stop the protection for a while. To avoid some trouble to happen at this time, disconnect your computer from the Internet.

To stop protection, start the Kaspersky application and click the cogwheel in the lower-left corner. Then click Protection, and disable all the options but Web protection.

After that, go back to the download folder and unpack the Reteamz for Windows program into a new folder.
Run the Install.exe file as administrator and install the Reteamz program on your computer. On the first launch, it will offer to connect to your account on the server. But you don’t need to do this, especially if the connection to the Internet is disabled.

Now we have to add the Reteamz working folder and its main modules to the list of exclusions of the Kaspersky antivirus.
To do this, switch to Kaspersky again and find the Additional section in its settings, and inside it – Threats and Exclusions.