How it works

User Activity Monitoring Software Reteamz SaaS (Software as a Service) helps you to analyze how efficiently employees are working on their computers, and what they are exactly doing. Reteamz represents a system of tracking and monitoring sensitive data access, a program that counts and assures the control of hours.


Install Reteamz Agent

User activity monitoring program.

Employee Time Tracking

Calculates time spent for each program and website.

Productivity analysis

Categorization by productive levels: business/personal use, alerts on rule violation

Online reports

View online reports, time-tables, screenshots.

Time Tracking Features
– Count the total amount of hours spent on programs and websites.
– Calculate employee total working time, lateness/overtime, breaks.
– Creates employee productivity reports.
– Shows how much time spent on business applications.

Employee Monitoring Software Features
– Capture the active program name or website URL.
– Make periodic screenshots.
– Record Skype chat contacts.
– Records all web search phrases.
– Track text entry statistics, keystrokes count.

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Reteamz Agent – is a User Activity Monitoring Software installed on employee computers, smartphones or tablets. It collects information about user productivity on the computer and transmits it to the Reteamz server by using a secure SSL connection.

The time tracking program works without permanent Internet. A single Internet connection once a day is enough and all data will be transferred to the server, where it is processed and the results are composed into some convenient reports on employee productivity, its applications, the Internet and search queries, text analytics, screenshots and snapshots from the webcam, you can control the time of the employee’s arrival and departure from work, hours worked.

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