What should be done when an employee must use the computer for personal needs?

On Windows computers one should open Reteamz from the system tray and click Pause for 30 min or Pause for the rest of the day. After this the user can tend to his/her personal affairs for 30 minutes or until the end of the session, respectively.

The time unaccounted for will be considered a break.

If the employee wishes to resume productive work, he/she should open the program from the system tray and click Resume.

Which site does Reteamz count if multiple tabs are open in the browser?

At any given time the user can in fact work with only a single tab, that is, with only a single web address. When the user switches from the tab with address A to another tab with address B, Reteamz registers an end to the working session with address A and begins a new working session with address B. Each session is counted separately in the log. Thus, the time spent working with each web address is totaled from all sessions logged for this web address.

Where is Reteamz data physically stored?

On the computer, the log and screenshots are stored locally in the folder Logs in Reteamz’s working directory.

On Android smartphones the log is stored in the phone’s internal memory and automatically deleted after five days.

How can I view the results of monitoring?

Enter your account at data.Reteamz.net. In the Employees page you will see a list of connected devices and the preliminary results of productivity tracking for them. Click on the name of any device and you will be taken to the page Reports by time, where you can view a report of the employee’s activity today, yesterday, this week, last week, or over the last month.