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Reteamz is a fully automated time-tracking and monitoring system, which allows you to know what your employees are really doing on a Computer.

Multiple Admins Available

Stealth Mode Available

For All Operating Systems

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User Activity Monitoring

Software benefits:

1. Adhere GDPR compliance with personal data security assessment
2. Real-time track of what/where/when related to suspicious user activity with personal data
3. Digital forensics for incident response
4. Сontrol the quality and timing of tasks
5. Objectively evaluate the work of each individual employee
6. Effectively distribute the load and get real results
7. Monthly employee performance reports
8. Monitor new and remote employees
9. Always be aware of the work, while traveling
10. Start collecting data in just a few minutes!

Still wondering how to monitor staff working from home? Give ReTeamz a try!

Don't know how to track employees working from home? It's easy with ReTeamz


Best Features Ever

Fully automated tracking

Reteamz deeply tracks what/where/when related to personal data access.

Analysis of employee activity

Shows granular and total amount of time employees had access to sensitive data.

Audit discipline

Automatic record of computer startup, employee login/logoff/unlock, idle time and turn off.

Audit reports

Define type of reports and archival type for records of processing activities.


Record computer screens and take employees’ photos when accessing personal data.


Record application process name and websites address used while working with sensitive data.


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